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Delhi Metro Provides Digital Locker Service! Know Its Charges And Features

Delhi Metro introduces a Digital Locker Service at 50 stations, allowing commuters to securely store belongings via the 'Momentum 2.O' app.

Edited By : Priyanka Negi | Updated: Dec 25, 2023 09:00 IST
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Delhi Metro
Delhi Metro

In a bid to enhance the commuting experience for daily travelers on the Delhi Metro, a groundbreaking solution has been introduced – the Digital Locker Service. Recognizing the challenges faced by passengers carrying excess baggage during professional engagements or social visits post-office hours, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has unveiled a smart and efficient way to address these concerns.

The advent of digital lockers at 50 metro stations marks a significant leap forward in simplifying the daily travel routine. This service, seamlessly integrated into the ‘Momentum 2.O’ app, heralds a new era of convenience for metro users. By leveraging digital technology, the entire process, from booking lockers to making payments, has been streamlined within the app, eliminating the need for traditional keys.

Navigating this user-friendly service involves a straightforward process:

1. Install the ‘DMRC Momentum 2.0’ app from the Google Play Store.
2. Log in using your mobile number.
3. Access the Metro Services section within the app.
4. Explore the locker booking option, available alongside QR Ticket Booking and Card Top-up.
5. After acknowledging the terms and conditions, choose your station, date, and preferred hour.
6. Tailor the locker size to your storage needs, with distinct charges for small, medium, and large lockers.
7. Select a time slot, complete the payment, and voila – your Metro locker is booked.
8. Receive a unique access code upon confirmation, providing hassle-free entry to your rented locker.

What sets this service apart is its versatility. Passengers can rent lockers for durations ranging from a swift one-hour stop to a more extended six-hour convenience. This flexibility caters to diverse commuting requirements, ensuring that travelers can tailor their locker usage to their specific needs.

Beyond the locker service, the ‘Momentum 2.O’ app opens up a realm of possibilities. It facilitates online shopping from e-commerce giants featured in the ‘Virtual Stores’ at 20 metro stations. Users can seamlessly make purchases, dispatch couriers through smart boxes (Digi-Lockers), and even acquire queue codes – all from within the app.

The integration of digital lockers at Delhi Metro stations marks a commendable stride towards simplifying daily travel logistics, underlining the commitment to delivering a more convenient, secure, and tech-savvy commuting experience for all. Delhi Metro introduces a Digital Locker Service at 50 stations, allowing commuters to securely store belongings via the ‘Momentum 2.O’ app. This innovative solution streamlines the process from booking to payment, eliminating the need for physical keys.

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First published on: Dec 25, 2023 08:45 AM IST

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