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Communal discord pertains: Over 50 panchayats ban entry of Muslims in these districts

Discover the unsettling rise in communal tensions as over 50 panchayats across various districts impose entry bans on Muslims.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Aug 9, 2023 11:45 IST
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Nuh Violence
Nuh Violence (Photo Credit: ANI File)

Nuh: A tranquil atmosphere in the village of Nuh, Haryana has erupted into a blazing inferno of communal tensions following a recent incident of interfaith violence. Panchayats, local councils, have issued a controversial directive that could potentially fuel the fire of discord, putting the spotlight on a sensitive situation.


A bold move that spells trouble

The peaceful ambiance in Nuh has been shattered by a polarizing decision made by over 50 panchayats across three districts—Rewari, Mahendragarh, and Jhajjar. These councils have released notices imposing a ban on the entry of Muslim traders into the villages. Additionally, residents of these villages are instructed to submit official documents related to their identity to the police—an edict that has the potential to escalate tensions further.

A minority presence amidst the storm

What adds a shocking twist to the tale is that most of these villages have an extremely negligible presence of the minority community. Only a handful of families, spanning three to four generations, reside in these villages. The issued statements emphasize that their intent is not to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments but rather to maintain order.

The ripple effect

The aftermath of this controversial directive has prompted legal scrutiny and raised questions about its legality. Manoj Kumar, Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Narnaul (Mahendragarh), stated that no physical copies of the notices were found, yet he has seen them circulating on social media. The local administration has taken notice and is seeking clarification from all panchayats involved.

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Uniting in the face of adversity

While some villagers argue that the notices were preventive measures following the recent violence, others vehemently disagree. Rajkumar, Sarpanch of Saidpur, Mahendragarh, mentioned that he was inspired by a panchayat in a neighboring village and felt compelled to issue similar notices. However, upon realizing the potential legal implications, he promptly withdrew his village’s notices.

A melting pot of diversity

Nuh is home to around 750 households, and remarkably, there are no families from the minority community residing in the village. Local residents assert that they remain unperturbed by the issued notices. Rohtas Singh, a resident of the village, expressed his sentiments while playing cards under a peepal tree near the village temple. He emphasized that the notices do not concern them as they lead a simple and peaceful life.

A balancing act in the village landscape

Amidst the unfolding controversy, Nuh’s Sarpanch, Rajkumar, known locally as ‘Tiger,’ has defended his actions. He clarified that he had been approached by officials who urged him to release such notices. Upon understanding the legal implications, he promptly retracted the notices. He explained, “This was a preventive measure, and it did not cause any harm. The content of the notices was circulated among us, and we merely copied it.”

Embracing unity amidst diversity

The incident has garnered attention not only for its controversial nature but also for the unity displayed by the villagers in the midst of adversity. Regardless of their differences, the community remains resolute in maintaining harmony and peaceful coexistence.


First published on: Aug 09, 2023 08:12 AM IST

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