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Chances For Sachin Pilot? Youth Climbing Trees, Poles To Listen To Leader In Rally

He visited at least half a dozen of villages and the venues were packed that many had to climb trees to listen to what Pilot had to say.

Edited By : Pranjal Gupta | Updated: Sep 21, 2023 21:48 IST
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Sachin Pilot
Sachin Pilot

New Delhi: Congress leader Sachin Pilot held a rally in his stronghold Tonk in Rajasthan. He visited at least half a dozen of villages in the region and the venues turned out to be packed that many had to climb trees and poles so they can listen to what Pilot had to say. This raised several questions including the one that if he would be chosen as a face of Chief Minister in Rajasthan this time; a dream that the Congress leader has been seeing since 2018.

Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson Sachin Rawat shed light on the internal politics of Congress who stated: “Sachin Pilot is working hard to form the government again in Rajasthan. He is working on the ground to aware people about the schemes being run by the present government and are connecting new people with the party.”

How Will Congress Use Sachin Pilot’s Popularity?

Starting with recent rally in Tonk, Rawat mentioned that the party has asked his leaders to connect people on grounds. Taking Pilot’s case who already has a strong base in several parts of Rajasthan, Congress will surely try to channalize this support into votes.

The high command has also come up with a seat formula where it will be asking its leaders from every camps including with that of Pilot to fight for the party and garnish votes.

How Much Ashok Gehlot Is With Pilot?

CM Gehlot has already made it clear that they will fight with all might to bring party back in power. Three camps – Sachin Pilot, Ashok Gehlot and CP Joshi will be fighting together and will be bringing votes for the party from diverse classes of Rajasthan.

Ashok Gehlot vs Sachin Pilot

High command ordered the two leaders to refrain themselves from making any statement against each other. This also followed by a series of attacks both were making against each other. Pilot had even carried rallies against state government over issues like corruption while being in the party. The Congress spokesperson said primarily it is a fight to return to power. It will be decided later that who will be the CM face of the party.

Everyone in the end will have to compromise in the end. With Congress state in-charge Randhawa and other leaders have been assigned to run surveys to find out whose base is more popular. This will all go to the high command who will be taking the final decision.

No Face To Be Projected For Now

The Congress is trying not to project a face. As of now, they will be fighting on the works they have done in the state. Rawat mentioned that it is only Chhattisgarh where the election is being run on the Chief Ministerial face not even in Madhya Pradesh.

When Did It Start? 

In 2018, Pilot was designated as Deputy Chief Minister after senior party leader Ashok Gehlot was given the senior-most post in the state government. It is safe to say that Pilot was very close to win the throne, considering the amount of efforts that he put to gather votes for the grand-old party.

Even then, Sachin Pilot was a popular figure among youth and many in the party dreamt of him being the CM. Following the dissent, Pilot took along a delegation of MLAs along with him, almost bringing his government in Rajasthan on the brink of collapse. This followed a series of events unfolding growing dissent between the Chief Minister and his deputy, who had lost the position after his rebellion against the party.

Cut to 5 years, Sachin Pilot is still a popular leader among youth and the latter wants to see their leader as the Chief Minister. Meanwhile, CM Ashok Gehlot still appears to be the first choice of the grand-old party, considering that the headquarters have made no statement clarifying whose side is it on?

But a question mark still remains on Pilot-Gehlot fate in Rajasthan.


First published on: Sep 21, 2023 05:40 PM IST

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