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Video: Bihar Liquor Mafia Attacks Police, Kills Sub Inspector, Jawan Injured

The liquor ban policy in Bihar seems not-so-effective as the state sees another incident of smuggling where an SI lost his life and a jawan got injured.

Edited By : Riwa Singh | Updated: Dec 20, 2023 10:23 IST
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Begusarai: A sub-inspector was killed and another constable got severely injured in an attack by liquor smugglers post-midnight on Tuesday in Begusarai.

Four cops including a sub-inspector and a driver who were stationed at Naokothi police station, left for patrolling after receiving a piece of information about liquor being transported in a car. To inspect the vehicles, these cops were standing at the Chhatauna Budhi Gandak river bridge when this incident happened.

The incident…

Seeing cops for the inspection, the liquor smuggler in an Alto car speeded his vehicle and hit the sub-inspector Khamas Chaudhary who died on the spot. Another jawan got severely injured and landed in the Sadar hospital.

As per recent reports, the owner of the car has been arrested and interrogation is underway.
This incident is testimony to the hooliganism of liquor mafias in the state of Bihar where ever the uniform-adorned police are crushed.

The ‘dry’ state

Even after years of imposition of liquor ban in the state by CM Nitish Kumar, the state keeps providing pieces of evidence of how ‘dry’ it is in terms of alcohol. More than a dozen died last year in a hooch tragedy which compelled the chief minister to rethink the liquor ban but Nitish Kumar seems stern about his views on alcohol.

He clearly stated that the administration is not going to permit liquor in the state that sees a series of violence related to liquor cases. Stressing how badly it impacts one’s health, he chose to keep up with his law.

However, it seems like such rules barely have any influence on the residents of Bihar who have been found smuggling bottles of liquor almost every week.

First published on: Dec 20, 2023 10:16 AM IST

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