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Astrology Unveils PM Modi’s Fate: Third Term, Global Leader and Health Alerts – Exclusive Horoscope Revealed

On the birthday of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi let us dive into the astrological combinations and peak into his future.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Sep 16, 2023 22:20 IST
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PM Narendra Modi (Photo Credits: News 24)
PM Narendra Modi (Photo Credits: News 24)

Sanjiv Sharma (Astrologer), New Delhi: In the realm of Vedic astrology, time is indeed a powerful force, and today, we delve into the cosmic blueprint of none other than our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who celebrates his 73rd birthday on September 17, 2023. Let’s embark on a celestial journey to decode his destiny and what the stars foretell.

Decoding PM Modi’s astrological insights

According to Vedic astrology, Narendra Modi possesses a Scorpio ascendant horoscope, with the red planet Mars as the ruling deity. This celestial alignment bestows upon him a resolute and compelling nature. Let’s dive into some intriguing aspects:

  1. Mars and moon conjunction: Modi horoscope boasts a remarkable mars and moon conjunction in the ascendant, forming the intriguing Panch Mahapurush Yoga of Mars Dev Rochak. This alignment signifies unwavering determination. Additionally, the presence of the Moon contributes to the formation of Neech Bhang Raja Yoga, emphasizing his strength despite initial challenges.
  2. Mars, the Supreme Commander: As the lord of both the sixth and first houses, Mars takes a prominent position in the ascendant. With its placement here, the horoscope suggests that adversaries shall never prevail against him.
  3. Venus and Saturn: The seventh lord, Venus, and the lord of the fourth house, Saturn (Shani Dev), find their abode in the tenth house. This cosmic configuration reflects Modi unwavering commitment to justice and fairness.
  4. Jupiter-Venus Opposition: Jupiter and Venus sit in opposition at the center of the horoscope. This celestial dance signifies a ‘tit for tat’ dynamic, where actions taken are in the public interest and the nation’s welfare.
  5. Shani Dev’s Influence: Saturn (Shani Dev) casts its influence on both the fourth and darshan houses, reinforcing his inclination towards reason, justice, and logic.
  6. Mercury Aditya Yoga: The eleventh house hosts the Sun and Mercury, forming the auspicious Mercury Aditya Yoga. This planetary alignment indicates Modi potential to elevate India’s status on the world stage.

PM Modi’s astrological roadmap

From May 2023, an intriguing period begins with Jupiter’s antardasha within Mars, extending until April 21, 2024, followed by the Mahadasha of Mars from November 29, 2021, to November 29, 2028. During this Mars Mahadasha, the Prime Minister is poised to experience significant achievements, enhancing India’s global stature. The distinctive Panch Mahapurush Yoga foretells Modi portrayal as a fearless leader, earning him admiration worldwide.

As Jupiter’s antardasha unfolds, world leaders will increasingly regard him as a global leader. Challenges may arise due to Venus in the tenth house, but with Jupiter’s guidance, Modi will surmount them all. By 2028, during the Mars Mahadasha, India’s armed forces are destined to attain unparalleled respect worldwide.

A glimpse into PM Modi’s future

Friends, brace yourselves for a landslide victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, as Modi party secures a resounding triumph. Narendra Modi is destined to embark on his third consecutive term as Prime Minister, steering India through significant decisions from April 2024 to June 2025.

However, a word of caution—between June 2025 and 2026, health-related concerns may arise, requiring special attention to his well-being, particularly concerning his stomach. Nevertheless, it appears that Modi unwavering rule is set to continue until November 2028. Despite the strongest opposition or adversaries, they shall be powerless to harm Modi throughout this period.

As we conclude, let us extend heartfelt birthday congratulations to the Honorable Prime Minister as he charts a celestial path towards a promising future.

First published on: Sep 16, 2023 09:20 PM IST

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