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An Enigma Defying Science? Birds Drop Dead In THIS Mysterious Indian Village

Let us dwell into the unravelling mystical phenomenon of this Indian village, where this birds drop dead in bizarre conditions.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Sep 18, 2023 19:17 IST
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Image used for representative purpose only. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@curiouschronicles17)
Image used for representative purpose only. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@curiouschronicles17)

Jatinga: In the heart of Assam’s North Cachar Hills District lies the unassuming hamlet of Jatinga. Nestled amidst rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, Jatinga remains a quiet, obscure village for most of the year. Its 1,200 Jantinga tribal residents tend to their crops and livestock, living in relative anonymity. However, there are two crucial months when Jatinga’s tranquil existence gives way to a puzzling and unexplained phenomenon, capturing the attention of the world.

The bizarre bird Mystery of Jatinga

In the moonless nights of August and September, an enigmatic spectacle unfolds in Jatinga. Hundreds of birds, from various species, flock to the village, as if drawn by an irresistible force. The villagers illuminate lantern lights on poles, and the birds are inexplicably drawn towards them, much like moths to a flame.

Intriguingly, the birds descend around the lights in a daze, making them easy prey for the villagers. Others hover ominously low above the village, seemingly disoriented, and are gently knocked down by long bamboo poles. During these two months, the villagers of Jatinga experience a bountiful harvest, as they feast on the unexpected influx of birds.

A unique and unexplained phenomenon

What makes this phenomenon all the more bewildering is that it occurs exclusively in Jatinga, without parallel anywhere else in the world. Unlike some regions where people lure migrating birds with bright lights, Jatinga’s avian visitors are entirely local, residing within 10 to 15 kilometers of the village. Adding to the mystery is the fact that these birds are typically diurnal, active during the day, and never known to venture out of their nests at night.

Scientists have grappled with this perplexing occurrence, and while they have identified certain conditions that trigger it, the exact cause remains a baffling enigma unique to Jatinga. Even a nearby village, just two kilometers north of Jatinga, fails to attract the birds, despite numerous attempts to replicate the phenomenon.


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Where is Jatinga?

Situated in the Dima Hasao district of Assam, India, Jatinga is perched on a ridge approximately 330 kilometers (210 miles) to the south of Guwahati. This village is home to roughly 2,500 Khasi-Pnar inhabitants along with a small Assamese population. Jatinga, Assam, is renowned as one of India’s ’10 Most Enigmatic Locations’ and is often referred to as the ‘Bermuda Triangle for Birds.’

A historical anecdote

Remarkably, this phenomenon remained hidden from international scrutiny until relatively recently, although tales of Jatinga’s mysterious birds date back to the end of the last century. Local inhabitants recall the stories passed down by their ancestors, describing a group of Naga tribals who once lived in the area.

Legend has it that these Nagas ventured to the Jatinga ridge one moonless night, armed with lighted flares, in search of a lost buffalo. To their astonishment, birds swooped down upon them from the darkness, inciting terror and superstition. Believing the birds to be malevolent spirits, the Nagas fled the area. Years later, the Jantia tribals, primarily Christian converts, arrived in search of a settlement and were directed to the ridge by the departing Nagas. Unlike their predecessors, faith in their new religion overcame superstitions, allowing them to coexist with the enigma that is the “Bird Mystery of Jatinga.”

As the world continues to grapple with this mystifying phenomenon, Jatinga remains a place of wonder, where science and nature collide in an unexplained dance of avian curiosity.

First published on: Sep 18, 2023 07:13 PM IST

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