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60 Houses Burnt, Shops Broken, Ex-gratia Announced: All About Firecracker Blast In Harda

Along with state teams, now Indian Army has been roped in for the evacuation in the Harda firecracker blast. CM has announced an ex-gratia of 4 lakh to kin of deceased.

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Blast in Harda
Blast in Harda

Harda: Tuesday morning saw a series of blasts in a firecracker factory in Bairagarh village in Harda district, Madhya Pradesh. There were 150 workers in the factory when the first explosion took place, as reported by a worker who managed a quick escape. It was so massive that it jolted the area as an earthquake. Shops, buildings, houses, and institutes adjacent to the spot and as far as thirteen kilometers away experienced the effect like an unprecedented disaster. As per the latest updates, nearly a hundred are injured and 11 have lost their lives in this incident. A few have lost their body parts too. The real figure of the destruction can be expected only after the operation ends.

Glasses broke, buildings shook

As the first explosion took place, not only the workers remained affected but also people residing in the nearby areas had to flee from their respective places. The firecracker blast was extremely intense and caused a series of explosions one after one in the span of two hours. The glass windows of the nearby shops started cracking and falling. The view was nothing less than a terrifying horror movie.

Houses burnt and evacuated

Rings of fire floated in the air and dropped into the surrounding area causing huge destruction. Not one or two but 60 houses are burnt mounting to a big loss. Considering the intensity, as the fire continued, 100 houses were immediately evacuated.

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ITI jolted, students witnessed havoc

The government ITI which wasn’t very close to the factory also suffered the jolt as seen in the video. At the time when the institute was active and classes were running, the young learners were left with anxiety and had to run away. Chaos prevailed in the institute.

Fire brigades to the Indian army

The scale of the destruction couldn’t be mapped initially. The fire brigades from five stations reached the spot only to find it extremely difficult to control the disaster as the explosions continued at small intervals. State Disaster Relief Force (SDRF) started search and rescue operations but as the death toll rose and the number of injured peaked to nearly 100, the Indian army was contacted to seek help who will be now helping in evacuation via helicopters.

Ex-gratia of 4 lakhs

Transport minister Uday Pratap Singh inspected the explosion on a helicopter and then reached the hospital to see the injured workers. CM Mohan Yadav has announced an ex-gratia of four lakhs to the kin of the deceased.

First published on: Feb 06, 2024 03:30 PM IST

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