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Spoiler Alert! Pathaan’s OTT version includes three extended cuts

New Delhi: Surprise awaits for all the Shah Rukh Khan fans as Pathaan is all set to get its OTT release on March 22. The SRK, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham starrer to be digitally released on the platform Amazon Prime today.

Now the icing on the cake is, there are a few minutes of exclusive footage in the digitally released version of the movie that weren’t in the theatrical cut. The few sequences that were crucial to the plot but were deleted to make the film shorter make up the extended cut.

Pathaan’s OTT version has exclusive footage that wasn’t part of its theatrical release

It will be a surprise for those who have already watched Pathaan in theatres. But those who are yet to watch the flick, it doesn’t really matter as their first watch digitally will include all those extended cuts that we will be covering in this article.

Spoiler- The 3 Exclusive scenes

There are three crucial scenes in the film’s expanded cut. Each scene either advances the plot of the movie or serves as an explanation for the choices the characters made throughout the story.

Scene after Pathaan’s arrest in Russia

When Pathaan tries to break into the vault containing “Rakhtbeej,” a virus that Jim, played by John Abraham, is intending to utilise to develop a more dangerous virus that threatens humanity, he is arrested in Russia. Due to his illegal theft of the virus sample, Pathaan is detained in the Black Prison. Russian guards and authorities torture Pathaan in an effort to force him to blurt forth important information. Pathaan maintains his composure and withholds any information. The scene demonstrates Pathaan’s capacity for dealing with severe suffering. It also demonstrates that he has a fun side, even in the most dangerous circumstances.


Scene after Pathaan knows about Rakपtbeej from Rubai

When Pathaan follows Rubai in Paris after JOCR gets her whereabouts, he points out a gun at Rubai. Pathaan is asked by Rubai if he wants to learn more about Rakhtbeej. Rubai then informs Pathaan of what Rakhtbeej is. Pathaan is concerned because it was only because of her that he was caught during the Russian heist. Rubai affirms that she wants to put things right. When Pathaan gets back to the main office, he gives his team instructions on how to enter the lab where the virus is being modified. This sequence also demonstrates how well-connected Pathaan is to his squad and how prepared they are to respond right away if necessary.

Rubai’s Interrogation

A pursuit scene on the ice ends with Rubai’s head colliding with an iceberg. She falls into the water while holding a Rakhtbeej. Pathaan jumps into the water in an effort to save Rubai and seize the Rakhtbeej. He brings Rubai and the Rakhtbeej back to the lab. Colonel Luthra requests the Rakhtbeej from Pathaan and gives the local police the order to detain Rubai for questioning. During the interrogation, Rubai confesses that nobody is aware of Jim’s plans and that he always has a backup strategy in place in case things don’t turn out as he had intended. Rubai’s honesty and openness are demonstrated in this scene.

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