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Bigg Boss 17’s Aishwarya Sharma Puts a New Spin on Heeramandi’s Bibbojaan’s Viral Walk

Aishwarya Sharma has sparked outrage and intrigue with a series of photos resembling a scene from "Heeramandi's" brutal Bibbojaan torture. Dressed in rags and smeared with crimson, Sharma's portrayal raises questions - is it raising awareness or a disturbing social media stunt? The silence surrounding her motives only fuels the fire.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: May 23, 2024 18:28 IST
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Aishwarya Sharma in Scary Look
Aishwarya Sharma Created a scary look of Bibbojaan from Heeramandi.

Aishwarya Sharma has ignited a firestorm on social media with a series of photos portraying a blood-curdling scene. Dressed in tattered garments, with streaks of crimson mimicking bloodstains marring her face and body, Sharma embodies raw terror. But is this a glimpse into a new project, or a chilling homage to a dark chapter in history?

The internet is abuzz with theories, and many fans point towards a deliberate recreation of the infamous “Bibbojaan” torture scene from the classic film “Heeramandi.” In the movie, courtesans faced this barbaric practice where their faces were mutilated and colored with red pigments to resemble blood.


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If Aishwarya’s intent is indeed to revisit Bibbojaan, it could spark a powerful dialogue on the brutality inflicted upon women throughout history. However, a section of fans raises concerns about the graphic nature of the portrayal, questioning whether it veers into insensitive or exploitative territory. Others speculate it might be a calculated move to garner viral attention.

Aishwarya Sharma’s followers are expressing a spectrum of emotions. Some appreciate the boldness of confronting such a harrowing subject, while others find the imagery unsettling. The lack of context adds another layer, leaving many to wonder if this is for an upcoming project or a standalone social media statement.

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Aishwarya Sharma has chosen to remain silent, further intensifying the speculation. Her representatives haven’t responded to requests for clarification, leaving the internet abuzz with unanswered questions. This deliberate silence might be part of a larger strategy, keeping the audience engaged and eager for answers.

First published on: May 23, 2024 06:28 PM IST

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