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Pune Teen Gets Perks At Juvenile Home: 1 Hour TV, 2 Hours For Play Time

## Pune Crash Teen: From Bail Talk to Regimented Days Public outcry over bail for the Pune crash teen has subsided as his reality sets in: a structured routine at a Children's Observation Centre. His days begin with classes and prayers, followed by one hour of TV and two hours of playtime. This shift highlights the focus on rehabilitation within the juvenile justice system, prioritizing structure and development over leniency.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: May 23, 2024 18:36 IST
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Pune Porsche Crash Investigation
Pune Porsche crash Children's Observation Centre remanded teen with 1 hour TV and 2 hour play

The 17-year-old boy involved in the Pune crash, initially granted bail and sparking national outrage, now faces a regimented daily life at a Children’s Observation Centre (COC) in Pune. While initial reports focused on the possibility of bail, the Juvenile Justice Board’s decision paints a different picture.

The teen’s day begins at 8 am with a wake-up call, followed by prayers and academic classes. This focus on education aims to ensure he doesn’t fall behind in his studies. Afternoons offer a break for lunch and rest, followed by a crucial recreation period – one hour of television and two hours of supervised playtime.

This structured routine stands in stark contrast to the initial discussions surrounding bail. Concerns were raised that the teen, allegedly driving a luxury car under the influence, might face little consequence. The COC’s schedule, however, emphasizes discipline and rehabilitation. Supervised play allows for physical activity and peer interaction, while limited television access provides a controlled form of entertainment.

The emphasis on structure serves a purpose. COCs Pune prioritize reforming minors in conflict with the law. The routine provides a sense of stability, promotes positive behavior through activities like sports, and potentially introduces the teenager to vocational skills training. This structured environment aims to steer him away from negative influences and encourage reflection on his actions.

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The Juvenile Justice Board’s decision highlights the complexities of juvenile justice. While the details of the case are still under investigation, the teen now faces a period of rehabilitation within the COC. The structured environment prioritizes his well-being and development, with the ultimate goal of preventing future offenses.

First published on: May 23, 2024 05:15 PM IST

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