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Youth Inspiration: Riti Boochra touches lives of more than 3,000 students

Riti Boochra intends to leverage her varied experiences to cater to students from different areas and their needs.

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Transcending the barriers to learning and education, Riti Boochra stands among the pantheons of modern-day educators. Lauded by the then PM Manmohan Singh in 2010 for her academic acumen, Riti has come quite far already. And she plans to keep going ahead.

Riti is a lawyer, a content creator and a best-selling author. In addition, she is an English teacher. Lastly, she has been a CBSE national topper twice. This talks a lot about her zeal, passion and commitment to education.

Needs and expectations of the education space

Technological innovations have certainly changed the game of teaching. The Covid-19 pandemic, especially, has shaken up the education sector. Already, there is rising pressure on instructors and teachers to incorporate technological tools into the learning process. A crucial aspect of modern-day tech is social media. And Riti has seamlessly leveraged that into her teaching style.

The simpler approach

Riti Boochra created an Instagram handle in July 2020, amid the pandemic. Having entered July 2022, her Instagram page is now two years old. In this relatively short time frame, she has transformed the lives of over 3000 students. The speciality factor is her teaching style. Riti believes in teaching by curating interactive courses and workshops.

The workshops and courses involve cooperation-based learning. Plus, specific courses get designed for a competitive-based teaching style. Furthermore, stimulation gets fuelled through unique project-based tasks and critical thinking abilities.

Given the modern technological solutions for education, students today are engaged through diverse techniques. And the same goes for Riti’s approach.

Riti intends to leverage her varied experiences to cater to students from different areas and their needs. The end goal is to open up the students’ minds and polish their command of the English language.

Her early-day influences

Her family publishing house business has played a massive impact on her career as an educator. Since her teenage days, she took up the tasks of compiling and editing books. In just seven years, she worked on over 100 books. But that’s not all! She also co-wrote the Economics references and English language guides. These early-day exposures shaped her passion and commitment to education.

Interestingly, her daily observations of people making fundamental errors while speaking and writing English gave her the idea of creating a community of fellow learners. She took it upon herself to illuminate the finer nuances of the English language in a systematic and organised manner. Today, she specialises in English language proficiency and training.

Her plans for tomorrow

Riti intends to leverage the merits of edtech and launch education centres. These shall shape the teaching standards and education quality for future generations in India.

Witnessing it as an idea

Riti’s teaching mantra comes from her continuous urge to unlearn first and then re-learn. She believes in growing with her students. In line with this, her motto is to seize every day as it comes and go one step at a time, seeing one year as a spectrum of 365 possibilities.

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