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WATCH: Bodies of 3 women recovered from river in Jhansi

New Delhi: Bodies of girls were recovered from the Saprar River located in Jhansi district in Uttar Pradesh. The local police reached the spot on getting information regarding the same.

The police has taken the three bodies into custody. The three bodies have not yet been identified. The age of all is bein said to be in between 17 and 25 years.

Corpse was first seen on the Saparar dam

According to the information, the Saparar river comes towards Jhansi via Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh. There is a dam in Kuraicha of Maurani police station area here. On Saturday some villagers were present near the dam. They saw a girl’s body was floating. People immediately reported the matter to the police station. Police took out the body from the dam but were unable to decipher the identity.

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After sometime two more bodies were found 

Police kept the body in the post-mortem house. After some time again the bodies of two more girls were recovered from the dam. There was a stir in the area. On seeing this the villagers gathered on the spot. The police have kept the three bodies in the post-mortem house. The police are being contacted in the districts of Madhya Pradesh, which are situated on the banks of the river.

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Possibility of dead bodies being washed away from MP

Along with the villagers, the police suspect that the dead bodies were thrown into the river after killing the three girls in Madhya Pradesh. Police officials and villagers said that the border of Madhya Pradesh starts at a distance of just two km from the dam. On the other hand, Saparar river flows through Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh towards Jhansi. The dead bodies have also come flowing from the same side.

Girls were aged 17, 18 and 25 years old

Circle Officer Arun Chaurasia said that the age of the three girls appears to be between 17, 18 and 25 years. Efforts are being made to identify the surrounding police station areas by the police and through social media. The officer said that the matter would be disclosed soon. Madhya Pradesh Police has also been contacted.

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