Disgusting! Parents kill 5-yr-old daughter while ‘removing soul from body’, kept her hungry, pricked needles

Nagpur, Maharashtra: The mother’s lap and the father’s shadow are the safest places in the world for a child. A five-year-old girl would have no idea that the woman on whose lap she was born would give her a painful death. A picture of a parent came to the fore in Nagpur, Maharashtra, that made even the devil tremble. They both tortured their innocent child until she died.

Siddharth Chimne, 45, of Subhash Nagar, went to a dargah in Takalghat with his wife Ranjana and daughters aged 5 and 16 on Guru Purnima last month. When he returned from there, he noticed a change in the daughter’s behaviour. Siddharth suspected that evil forces had possessed his daughter. After that, in order to take her away, he chose the path that would permanently remove the daughter from this world.

The child was subjected to black magic by his parents

Siddhartha, his wife Ranjana, and his brother’s wife Priya Bansoda decided to use black magic to liberate the daughter from the evil power. A five-year-old was starved for two days. Prick yourself with a needle. Not only that, but his scissors inflicted wounds on his body. The three of them committed atrocities on the girl that would make even the devil shudder. During this time, he also recorded a video, which is now with the police.

The video has also shocked the police. They told the media that in the video, the three were asking the girl questions that she couldn’t understand. During this time, all three of them severely beaten her. Following this, the girl collapses unconscious on the ground. The video also includes an 11-year-old child. The incident occurred on the intervening night of August 5th and 6th.

Death of the child

According to police, the accused then took the girl to a dargah on Saturday morning. She was then taken to a government hospital, where the accused abandoned her and fled. During this time, security personnel suspected those individuals and photographed their vehicle. The doctor declared the girl dead and notified the authorities. The accused were apprehended after the police identified them using the vehicle number.

All boundaries of cruelty with child crossed

According to the police, the girl has 20 wounds all around her nose. There were several fine needle holes. By using the name ‘Shankar Baba,’ he was stabbed with scissors. The girl also sustained serious head injuries. The wounds found on the body reveal the parents’ cruelty. The police have also arrested the tantrik who was asked to perform a ritual to remove the girl’s soul from her body. Police have also learned about the 16-year-old daughter’s involvement in this case. The investigation is still ongoing.

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