Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Pak: Wife resists making physical relations with other men, husband boils her in pot

New Delhi: In a heart-wrenching case, a young man brutally murdered his wife and boiled her dead body in a cooking pot in Gulshan-e-Iqbal area near Karachi of Pakistan. The man committed the crime before his kids.

The accused Ashiq Hussain lived with his wife Nargis and 6 children in a deserted school where he also used to work as a watchman. As per the media reports, the school was in a secluded place, so it gets closed early. However, its owner had hired Ashiq Hussain to watch it. So he started living here with his family.

Dead body of a woman found in a cauldron

According to the information, the police found the body of a woman named Nargis in a pan in the kitchen of a private school in the area. Her husband allegedly used to force her to make physical relations with other men.

But the wife refused to do, after which, he killed his wife and boiled the dead body in a pan. Seeing this horrifying scene, the accused daughter fell unconscious for about 3 hours straight out of fear.

The accused absconded with three children

According to the information received by the police, the youth was living with his family in the closed school here for about 8-9 months. Police said that Nargis’s 15-year-old daughter informed them by calling them.

After carrying out this painful incident, Ashiq along with his three children fled from there. The police have registered a case and started searching for the accused lover.

Police kept three children with them

District East’s Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Abdur Rahim Sherazi told reporters that the other three children of the accused have been kept by the police. According to SSP Sherazi, the children are extremely scared and shocked by the incident. Police have taken Nargis’ body to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for medical and legal formalities. The main reasons for the incident are yet to be ascertained.

Killing of this cause!

The children told the police that their father had strangled their mother with a pillow before boiling her in a cauldron in front of them. One leg of the woman was also found separated from her body. However, as per reports, it is speculated that Aashiq was forcing Nargis to have illicit relations with other men, but she was killed when she refused to do so.

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