Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Nirbhaya AGAIN! Woman gangraped by 5 men for 2 days, rod inserted in private part

New Delhi: A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Here, a 38-year-old woman who was kidnapped from Delhi and was gang-raped by five accused. Not only this, the accused raped with her for two days. A rod was inserted in her private part.

The woman was found tied up in a sack on the side of a road. The woman, found on Tuesday night, has been admitted to a hospital, where she is fighting for her life. Taking cognisance of the incident, Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal has sent a notice to the Ghaziabad Police.

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Rod was inserted in woman’s private part

According to the information, a 38-year-old woman from Delhi was returning from Ghaziabad to Delhi. She was kidnapped. The woman was found lying on the road in a sack with her hands and feet tied. Two rods were reportedly inserted in her private parts. The woman was admitted in the hospital. Following this DCW Swati Maliwal took cognisance of the matter and issued a notice to the Ghaziabad Police.

Raped by 5 men for 2 days

Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal said on Twitter that the woman from Delhi was returning from Ghaziabad at night. She was forcibly taken away in the car. 5 people raped her for 2 days and put a rod in her private part. While she was found in a sack on the side of the road, the rod was inside her private part. She is fighting for life in the hospital. Notice has been issued to SSP Ghaziabad.

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The woman had gone with acquaintances

On the other hand, Ghaziabad SP Nipun Aggarwal said that the Nandgram Police of Ghaziabad got information that a woman was lying on the road. The police took her to the hospital. She is a resident of Delhi. She had come to her brother’s house in Nandigram police station area. The SP told that the brother had left him.

Police say she went with five people she knew. gang raped her. Case has been registered. Four accused have been arrested. Police said that there is a property dispute between them and the matter is sub-judice. Police is taking action.

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