Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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WATCH: Finland’s PM leaked video of ‘wild dancing’ goes viral

New Delhi: The Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, is facing huge backlash after one of her video has gone viral. In the video she can be seen dancing in a ‘wild’ manner.

In the video the Finnish PM can be seen dancing and singing with a group of people. These people are most probably Finnish celebrities.

Opposition says take a drug test

The opposition parties in Finland are vociferously criticizing the ‘act’ of Sanna Marin. They have also demanded that the 36-year-old PM should undergo a drug test.

Finnish PM says its just alcohol

However, Sanna Marin has denied these charges and said she has not taken any illegal drugs. She also said that she just drank alcohol and was partying in a spirited way.

Who is Sanna Marin?

Sanna Marin is the youngest prime minister in the world. She is known for attending various music festivals where she was captured by the paparazzies. Last year she also made a formal apology for clubbing after coming in contact with a Covid-19 patient.

She affirmed that she was aware of the fact that she was being filmed. She also said that she was upset that the video has been made public.

‘Never used drugs’:  Sanna Marin

“I danced, sang, and partied – perfectly legal things. And I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve seen or known of others [using drugs],” quoted BBC.

Defending herself, she told the press that, “I have a family life, I have a work life and I have free time to spend with my friends. Pretty much the same as many people my age.”

Politicians from other opposition parties have criticized the prime minister and the media for focusing on partying rather than more pressing domestic issues.

‘I am going to be exactly the same’: Sanna Marin

Sanna Marin said that she felt there is no need to change her behavior. “I am going to be exactly the same person as I have been until now and I hope that it will be accepted,” she said.

Been in power since 2019

Since December 2019, Ms. Marin has been in power, and her party continues to back her.

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