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Violent Mob Attacks Christian Man’s Property In Pakistan Over ‘Blasphemy’ Accusation

In Sargodha, Pakistan, a Christian man endures mob violence over blasphemy allegations, leading to the destruction of his property and factory. Despite police presence, the assailants persist, injuring the man and endangering his community.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: May 25, 2024 18:57 IST
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Mob in Pakistan beats Christian man, burns his house and factory over 'blasphemy'
Mob in Pakistan beats Christian man, burns his house and factory over 'blasphemy'

A Christian man in Sargodha, Pakistan, faced brutal violence as a mob attacked him, burnt his house, and destroyed his shoe factory over alleged blasphemy suspicions.

On Saturday morning, a furious mob, including children, invaded the man’s residence, vandalized his property, and set fire to his shoe manufacturing unit, as reported by Geo TV.

Various social media videos depicted the mob’s destructive rampage, with footage showing them burning down the property and even sneaking away with shoe boxes while being cautioned not to steal.

Another distressing video captured a bloodied man lying on the street while the crowd kicked and verbally abused him, accusing him of desecrating the Quran.

Sargodha’s District Police Officer, Asad Ejaz Malhi, informed Dawn news that the incident erupted due to alleged blasphemy. He assured that a significant police presence was deployed, and there were no fatalities recorded.

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Despite the presence of firefighters, footage circulating on social media showed locals persistently vandalizing and setting ablaze the man’s home, even warning firefighters against extinguishing the flames.

District Police Officer Malhi asserted that they secured the area and evacuated all residents, including two Christian families, without any confrontations.

However, a relative of an injured individual contradicted the police’s assertion, stating that their uncle was in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

Noor-ul-Amin Mengal, Punjab’s Home Affairs Secretary, emphasized Pakistan’s commitment to justice for all citizens, regardless of religion, promising legal action following a thorough investigation.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) expressed grave concern over the situation in Sargodha, highlighting the peril faced by the Christian community in Gillwala village due to mob violence. Unconfirmed reports suggested a lynching had occurred.

Blasphemy laws in Pakistan, among the strictest globally, disproportionately affect religious minorities. Accusations under these laws often result in severe penalties, including the death sentence, as seen in previous incidents in Jaranwala and the case of Asia Bibi.

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First published on: May 25, 2024 06:57 PM IST

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