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THIS School Provides Official Smoke Breaks To Children For Smoking; Here’s Why

Students are being granted official breaks for smoking in Australia. Know what prompted the school to take this decision.

Edited By : Malika Sahni | Updated: Oct 22, 2023 11:49 IST
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Schools play a vital role in instilling discipline and social manners in children, helping them learn how to navigate life properly. However, in a rather unusual turn of events, a school in Australia seems to be imparting a different kind of lesson. At Arethusa College in Queensland, Australia, students are being granted official breaks for smoking. It’s an unconventional practice that has raised eyebrows and concerns.

According to reports from the Daily Star, students of all ages at Arethusa College are provided with smoke breaks, where they can indulge in smoking cigarettes or vaping. The school maintains a list of approximately 50 students who partake in these designated breaks. To accommodate this activity, a specific area has been set up within the school premises. Remarkably, this isn’t an isolated occurrence, as a school in Brisbane implemented a similar practice about a year ago. School authorities claim that this decision was made in consultation with parents. While some parents are supportive of this approach, others are understandably concerned.

The college justifies its policy by stating that it works in partnership with the Public Health Authority and follows an open and transparent strategy. Many students used to attend school with requests for nicotine dependency breaks, and the school, without judgment, introduced these breaks to facilitate their studies. Importantly, it’s crucial to note that neither cigarettes nor vapes are provided by the school to the students.

The idea behind this approach is to create a safe and supervised environment for students who smoke. It aims to meet their needs while ensuring their safety. Proponents argue that if students are inclined to smoke, it’s better that they do so in a controlled setting rather than resorting to unsupervised and potentially unsafe methods.

This unique school policy sparks a broader debate on how schools should address issues related to students’ well-being and choices, especially when it comes to sensitive subjects like smoking. It remains to be seen whether other schools will adopt similar measures or if this practice will remain an exception.

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First published on: Oct 22, 2023 11:49 AM IST

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