Dream Of Living In US Will Soon Be Fulfilled, Initiative Taken By Two Indian-Origin MPs.

If the bill is approved, it could greatly benefit a substantial number of Indians eagerly awaiting green cards

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Three American MPs, namely Raja Krishnamurthy, Pramila Jaipal, and Rich McCormick, have introduced a crucial bill in the US Parliament. The proposed bill aims to reduce the number of applications for permanent settlement in America and eliminate discrimination based on job visa status. If the bill is approved and becomes a law, it could greatly benefit a substantial number of Indians eagerly awaiting green cards or permanent residency in the United States. It’s worth noting that Raja Krishnamurthy, Pramila Jayapal, and Rich McCormick collectively presented the bill in Parliament on Monday.

The Immigration Visa Efficiency and Security Act 2023 will strengthen America’s economy and will also increase international competition. In fact, this will reduce the green card backlog, allowing American employers to focus on hiring foreign citizens on the basis of qualifications and birthplace.

The biggest benefit of this bill will be that it will eliminate the existing seven percent quota for foreign citizens coming to America.

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Krishnamurthy said that we are working to strengthen the economy for the future. We do not want skilled workers to remain trapped in the green card backlog. He later added, ‘we are proud to get support from our colleagues to end discrimination regarding employment on the basis of immigrant visas’.

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Notably, at present, about 95 percent of the immigrants are working in America on temporary visas. A large number of these people have applied to get a green card but it is pending for a long time. It is being said that this bill will strengthen the H-1B temporary visa program. This bill is being seen as a lifesaver for those who have filed green card applications and have been waiting for many years.

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