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Pakistan: Nearly 4 Lakh Beggars Come To Karachi During Ramzan; The Reason Will Blow You Away

With an estimated count of approximately 400,000, these beggars swarm the city, transforming its lively streets into prime locations for seeking alms. However, what distinguishes these beggars extends beyond their sheer volume; it's their engagement in criminal pursuits that amplifies the difficulties encountered by the community.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Apr 11, 2024 10:39 IST
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Pakistan: Nearly 4 Lakh Beggars Comes To Karachi During Ramzan

Pakistan: During Ramadan in Karachi, Pakistan, the streets buzz with activity as people prepare for Pakistan Eid celebrations. However, amid the festivities, a significant challenge looms large – the overwhelming presence of professional beggars. Estimated to number around 400,000, these beggars inundate the city, turning its bustling streets into their hunting grounds for alms. What sets these beggars apart is not just their sheer numbers but also their involvement in criminal activities, further exacerbating the challenges faced by the local populace.

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From the streets to the malls, markets, and even traffic signals, there seems to be no escaping the ubiquitous presence of these beggars. They occupy every available space, making it increasingly difficult for residents and visitors alike to navigate through the city without encountering them. While Pakistan Eid celebrations bring joy and excitement to many, for others, it serves as a stark reminder of the social and economic disparities that plague the country.

Karachi’s Additional Inspector General (AIG), Imran Yaqoob Minhas, sheds light on the magnitude of the issue, highlighting that during Ramadan, metropolitan cities like Karachi witness an influx of 3 to 4 lakh professional beggars. These beggars, Minhas asserts, view Karachi as a lucrative market, where they not only beg but also engage in criminal activities. Such a staggering number of beggars poses a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies, who struggle to maintain law and order amidst this chaos.

Minhas emphasizes the need for enhanced surveillance measures to curb criminal activities, advocating for the installation of more cameras across the provincial capital. However, combating this multifaceted issue requires more than just increased surveillance. It calls for a comprehensive approach that addresses the root causes of begging and provides viable alternatives for those trapped in this cycle of poverty.

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The problem extends beyond Karachi’s borders, with reports of Pakistani beggars attempting to travel to Saudi Arabia under the guise of Ziyarat, only to be arrested for begging in the Gulf kingdom. Moreover, Karachi has witnessed a surge in crime incidents during Ramadan, with 19 deaths attributed to various crimes and over 55 fatalities in robbery-related protests since the beginning of 2024.

Statistics reveal a troubling trend, with over 6,780 criminal incidents reported in Karachi during Ramadan alone, including vehicle thefts and snatching.

First published on: Apr 11, 2024 10:12 AM IST

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