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Israeli Girl Abducted By Hamas; Unsympathetic Landlord Demands Rent From Boyfriend

An Israeli girl was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists while she was living with her boyfriend in a rented house.

Edited By : Malika Sahni | Updated: Oct 15, 2023 13:43 IST
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In a shocking turn of events, an Israeli girl was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists while she was living with her boyfriend in a rented house. Surprisingly, the landlord demanded rent from the boyfriend even after the girl’s abduction. When the boyfriend explained the situation, the landlord callously responded, “You are not doing me any favour by staying in my house. Pay the rent, or I’ll dispose of your belongings.”

The abducted girl, identified as Inbar Hyman, was taken by Hamas terrorists during a Supernova rave party on October 7. This horrifying incident isn’t isolated, as other Israeli soldiers and civilians have also been taken hostage by these terrorists.

Inbar’s boyfriend, Noam Allen, revealed that he received a message from the landlord demanding rent payment. Despite explaining that his girlfriend had been kidnapped, the landlord remained unsympathetic and insisted on rent. Noam and Inbar are now required to pay around 2500 shekels (approximately Rs 52,000).

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However, the landlord, identified as Aaron Reiss, has denied these allegations, stating that he did not make any demands of this sort. He expressed solidarity with the girl’s family during this difficult time and hoped for her safe return. According to reports, before the kidnapping, Inbar and her friends were chased by Hamas gunmen for three hours, leading to their abduction.

Meanwhile, on October 13, a video from Hamas was released. The clip portrayed Israeli children that they had captured during the armed group’s cross-border attack.

First published on: Oct 15, 2023 01:43 PM IST

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