BRICS Summit 2023: PM Modi’s Vision for Future-Ready Societies, Technological Advancements

Prime Minister Modi addresses the 15th BRICS Summit, highlighting India's commitment to future-ready societies through technology.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Aug 23, 2023 18:59 IST
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Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

Johannesburg: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 15th BRICS Summit’s open plenary session, underlining India’s strong backing for the expansion of BRICS and its eagerness to progress with collective agreement.

A Vision for future-ready societies

In his compelling speech, PM Modi articulated the importance of preparing societies for the future, asserting that technology will be the linchpin in this transformation. “To realize a future-ready BRICS, we must empower our respective societies with future-ready capabilities, and technology will serve as a critical enabler,” he emphasized.

Digital initiatives in India

PM Modi spotlighted India’s advancements in education and innovation. He mentioned the “DIKSHA” project, a digital platform designed to impart education to children in rural areas. He further highlighted the establishment of 10,000 “Atal Tinkering Labs” to nurture innovation among school students.

Breaking language barriers with AI

The Prime Minister introduced India’s AI-based language platform, “Bhashini,” designed to bridge language divides. “We have launched the AI-powered ‘Bhashini’ platform to eliminate language barriers, which has been widely embraced,” he stated.

CoWIN and Digital Public Infrastructure

Highlighting India’s proactive approach to the pandemic, PM Modi discussed the CoWIN platform, instrumental in tracking vaccination distribution. He praised the “India Stack” initiative, which has revolutionized public service delivery through digital infrastructure.

Diversity: India’s strength

PM Modi echoed India’s greatest strength—its diversity. He asserted, “Diversity provides solutions to every challenge India encounters.”

Global South’s importance in BRICS

Commemorating India’s G20 Presidency, PM Modi commended South Africa for prioritizing the Global South in BRICS. He emphasized unity and collaboration among nations, affirming, “One Earth, One Family, One Future.” He referenced the Voice of Global South summit, where 125 countries shared their concerns and priorities.

BRICS: A two-decade journey

Reflecting on BRICS’s remarkable journey, PM Modi hailed the achievements made in its two-decade existence. He underscored its role in fostering international cooperation and development.

Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy and historical ties

PM Modi acknowledged Mahatma Gandhi’s significant influence and historical ties between India, Eurasia, and Africa. He invoked the Tolstoy Farm’s connection with Gandhi, emphasizing its impact on unity and harmony.

Gratitude and unity

PM Modi expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and reiterated the historic connections between Johannesburg and the Indian community.

Cultural celebration 

The plenary sessions were followed by a cultural performance and a banquet dinner hosted by President Ramaphosa, enhancing the sense of camaraderie among the BRICS leaders.

Prime Minister Modi’s presence at the BRICS Summit reflects India’s commitment to global cooperation and innovative growth, aligning with his vision for a prosperous and interconnected world.

First published on: Aug 23, 2023 06:59 PM IST

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