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Bodies Burning For 24 hours, Queues Outside Crematoriums; China Grappling With New COVID Variant JN.1.

One individual claimed that government mortuaries are continuously burning bodies without interruption.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: Dec 25, 2023 18:34 IST
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COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine

The new variant JE.1 of the coronavirus is wreaking havoc worldwide, causing significant concerns, particularly in Britain, China, and the United States. It is reported that China is experiencing a large number of deaths due to COVID-19. The death toll is so high that mortuaries are operating 24 hours a day. According to local newspapers, this information has been provided. The JE.1 variant is held responsible for these deaths. It is worth mentioning that WHO has classified JE.1 as a variant of interest.

W.H.O. has reported an increase in cases of the JE.1 variant in various countries in recent weeks. Meanwhile, speaking to local newspapers in Henan province, China, people have provided information about the situation. One individual claimed that government mortuaries are continuously burning bodies without interruption. This person, known as Mr. Zhu, stated that there are a total of eight mortuaries in the funeral home, and all of them are burning bodies around the clock. He described this situation as extremely alarming.”

This individual is also stating that government crematoriums are unable to meet the demand of the people. They mentioned that in the past three years, several private crematoriums have opened up, and this business is rapidly advancing. They revealed that the number of local crematoriums is consistently increasing. Moreover, there is such a high influx of dead bodies that there is a need to wait before cremating them, and they have to be stored in freezers before the process. According to various sources, there are currently 118,977 positive cases in China. Out of these, 7,557 are in extremely critical condition. However, the precise numbers of deaths have not been disclosed yet.

In India, the cases of COVID-19 are rapidly increasing, with the Delta Plus (JN.1) variant gaining prominence. So far, the virus has reached six states, totaling 63 cases of the Delta Plus variant in the country. Among these, Goa has reported the highest with 34 cases. Additionally, Maharashtra has 9 cases, Karnataka has 8, Kerala has 6, Tamil Nadu has 4, and Telangana has 2 cases. Other states in the country are also being closely monitored for the presence of the Delta Plus variant. The central government has issued a warning, emphasizing the need for caution and urging people to take preventive measures.

First published on: Dec 25, 2023 06:34 PM IST

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