Why Hair Loss Increases During Monsoon

Samridhi Garg

High humidity during monsoon weakens hair, making it more prone to breakage and fall.

Increased Humidity

Moist conditions foster fungal infections on the scalp, leading to hair loss.

Fungal Infections

Sweat and dirt buildup on the scalp can clog pores, weakening hair roots.

Sweat and Dirt Accumulation

Humidity causes frizz and dryness, making hair brittle and more likely to fall.

Frizz and Dryness

Monsoon often disrupts dietary routines, leading to nutrient deficiencies that affect hair health.

Nutrient Deficiency

Seasonal changes and monsoon-related inconveniences can increase stress, contributing to hair fall.


Monsoon rainwater and polluted water can damage hair, leading to increased shedding.

Water Quality

Frequent wetting and improper drying of hair during monsoon can weaken hair shafts, causing hair loss.

Improper Hair Care

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