Want To Eat White Rice On a Weight-loss Diet? Here's The Trick

Riwa Singh

For true rice lovers, nothing can match the taste and satisfaction that a wholesome amount of rice provides.

There are obviously good alternatives that provide sufficient nutrients but the taste factor still remains.

If you're someone who can smoothly switch to brown rice, quinoa rice, or black rice... good for you.

If not, let's tell you that white rice isn't as bad as you've been reading. Rather, it completely depends on your nutritional requirements. 

Not everyone needs to cut the carbohydrates from their meals. So before dropping carbs, know your requirements. 

If you have to shed kilos and lose some weight, you can still have a bowl of rice.

One thing to take care of: if you have rice, cut other forms of carbohydrates you're consuming to balance your diet. 

Rice will increase your appetite, to complement, add lots of veggies and proteins to have a heavy meal. Beans, broccoli, and chicken would help.

Switch to boiled rice than fried rice, creamy rice, or other forms. This will lessen your calories.