Lovestory Like No Other: Meet 2 Feet Tall Girl And Her Special Husband

Riwa Singh

Love knows no boundaries and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder are a few quotes all of us have read but hardly do we believe in them.

Well, here's the couple that couldn't have existed if not for love. Sabal Parveen, 24, can't walk, basically can't do anything without external support.

She has broken her bones more than a thousand times, not willingly but due to a rare disease - Osteogenesis Imperfecta. 

She was NOT born with this disease but after 20 days of her birth, changes were noticed in her body that kept increasing with time.

While she was determined to study, nobody thought she would live a life full of love.

Sabal met Naushad Ali on YouTube when he was working in Saudi Arabia. Their love bloomed with time and they decided to get married.

Like most love marriages in India, their family also opposed this bond but finally, it happened and they got married in Siliguri. 

Naushad now takes care of everything for Sabal as her mom used to do. From taking her to the washroom to doing her hair, he does everything for his wife.

Sabal wants to become a PCS officer, in her two attempts she missed with 1 and 3 marks respectively. Now, she wishes for aid from the govt for exam preparations.