This Israeli Cat Is Making News, Here's Why

Riwa Singh

She is Mitzi, a cat who sits at Kiryat Arye railway station in central Israel.

The cat sits at the station like the goddess of calmness and sees passengers coming and going.

Most of the people seem too busy to pet this cat but she barely minds. Rather she keeps seeing the entries so anxiously as if she has been allotted the work.

What work? If you want to know. The task of ticket checking. Yes, she acts like a ticket checker sometimes, so calm and yet so anxious.

Her visuals have gone viral and thanks to the internet, she has been watched across the world. 

People have even started believing that she has been appointed as a ticket checker.

A few websites and YouTube platforms have mentioned her as a ticket checker. Not just this, they have also stated that she gets paid by the government. 

Rumours had been making rounds that the govt of Israel deploys cats for ticket checking whereas there are specific pet laws and this appointment isn't possible.