Prashant Mishra

The Hidden Languages Of The World

Silbo Gomero (Canary Islands)

 It was developed to communicate across the island's deep ravines and narrow valleys. 

Sentinelese (Andaman Islands, India)

 With virtually no outside contact, their language remains one of the most mysterious and least documented in the world.

Koro (Arunachal Pradesh, India)

Discovered only in 2008, Koro is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken by about 1,500 people in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Suri (Ethiopia and South Sudan)

 Known for their intricate lip plates and body painting, the Suri have a rich linguistic heritage that is still largely unexplored.

Ainu (Japan)

The Ainu language is spoken by the Ainu people of northern Japan. Once widespread, the language has fewer than 10 native speakers today. 

Taa (Botswana and Namibia)

It is known for its extensive use of click consonants, making it one of the most complex languages phonetically.

 Warlpiri (Australia)

It is known for its complex grammar and unique cultural expressions, deeply tied to the land and traditions.

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