Aman Trivedi

7 Things To Remember While Doing Online Transaction

Get A Trusted Security Software

The online world is full of malware, and spam, to ensure safety we should get trusted security software to detect potential risks.

Use Strong Passwords

People usually use common passwords that are easy to crack which can become a potential threat to financial safety.

Avoid Free To Use Public Wi-Fi

Free-to-use public Wi-Fi can lead to a data breach on the connected devices which can cause access to sensitive information.

Ignore Anonymous Emails

Emails asking about your bank details must be ignored as they can lead to a potential financial loss, your bank will never ask for your bank credentials.

Don't Respond To Discount Offering Emails

Ignore the emails that offer you offers and discounts and ask you to enter details in the coupon link, it is usually done by third parties.

Always check the Website SSL Certificate

Some small vendors do not incorporate security mechanisms that can compromise your security. Do not trust the sites that begin with "http" and not "https" for transactions.

Do Not Save Passwords On Device

After completing your transaction, log out from the merchant and bank sites and do not save your financial credentials on the device.

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