Sour Fruits Adding Zing To Your Taste Buds



Lemons are well-known for their sour taste and are commonly used in cooking, beverages, and baking, and as a flavouring agent to add acidity and sourness.


Similar to lemons, limes are sour citrus fruits with a high citric acid content and are often used in cooking, as a garnish, and in beverages for their sour flavour.


Tamarind pods contain a sour-sweet pulp that is generally used in cooking to add tartness to dishes and is widely used in various cuisines.

Green Apple

Green apples are tart and sour in taste compared to their red or yellow counterparts and generally have thin skin that makes them crispier.


Cranberries are known for their bright tart taste because of the high content of citric acid and are commonly consumed as sauce, cranberry juice, or dried fruit.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit has a tangy and tart flavour and is described as citrusy with hints of kiwi or pineapple.


Grapefruits are tangy and slightly bitter in flavour making it both refreshing and sour and are typically eaten fresh or used in salads and juices.