7 South Indian Street Foods One Must Try


Kozhi Porichathu

Delicious South Indian Chicken marinated with flavorful spices and then deep-fried.


One of the famous street foods in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is of noodle-like structure that is made from rice flour and is served with chutney.

Pindi Vantalu

Mostly enjoyed in the festival season, Pindi Vantalu is also known as murruku and Chakri.


Made out of fermented rice batter, Appam is a popular South Indian street food that is crispier on the edges and softer on the inside.

Masala vada

Also known as Parippu Vada, Masala vada is a South Indian snack made from a combination of ground lentils, onions, fennel seeds, and several others.


Bonda is made with fillings like a mashed potato that is dipped in batter and then deep fried and served with tea.


It a popular snack which is also known as ethakka appam and is made with bananas that are coated in batter and then it is deep-fried.