8 Hanging Plants That Attract Butterflies

Khushi Patel


Lantanas produce clusters of vibrant flowers, and the nectar of these flowers draws butterflies. It is a low-maintenance plant that does well in bright areas.


Attracting butterflies with their nectar-rich blossoms, fuchsia's pendulous flowers are coloured in vivid pink, purple, and red.


Butterflies adore the fragrant clusters of tiny flowers that verbena creates. It grows easily and has several colours, including as purple, pink, and white.


Petunias yield colourful, trumpet-shaped flowers in a variety of hues. Their delightful scent and nectar draw butterflies.

Pelargonium spp. geraniums

Geraniums yield vibrant flower clusters that entice butterflies. They like bright areas with well-drained soil.


The vivid colours of the brilliant, conspicuous bracts of bougainvillaea attract butterflies. It is a sun-loving, warm-weather plant that can withstand droughts.

Hanging basket impatiens

Throughout the growing season, impatiens bloom continually, producing masses of colourful blooms. Their blooms are rich in nectar and draw butterflies.

Million bells

Million Bells are a type of plant that resemble tiny petunias and are favoured by butterflies for their trumpet-shaped blossoms. They are excellent for hanging baskets and are available in a range of colours.