8 Fashion Tips To Make You Look Taller

Khushi Patel

Wear vertical stripes

Wear vertically striped clothing to give the impression that you are longer in stature.

Select monochrome ensembles

Wearing all-black or all-navy clothing gives you a sleek appearance and elongates your form, which gives the impression that you are taller.

High-waisted bottoms

To visibly lengthen your legs and provide the impression of greater proportions, wear high-waisted skirts, shorts or pants.

Wear tailored clothes

Choose apparel that fits properly and skims your body without being excessively tight or baggy. A sleek and extended silhouette can be achieved with tailored items.

Style with V-neckline clothes

Choose a V-neckline to give the impression of a longer torso and attract the eye vertically, making you appear taller. To achieve this look, go for V-necklines on blouses, dresses, and jackets.

Steer clear of oversized items

Oversized items can overpower your figure and give the impression that you are shorter. Examples of such accessories are chunky jewellery, huge handbags, and bulky belts. Instead, go for sleeker, more compact accessories.

Select the appropriate footwear

To give the impression of longer legs, choose shoes with flesh-toned or nude tones that complement your skin tone. 

Choose shoes with pointed toes

Shoes with pointed toes lengthen the leg line and provide the appearance of longer, leaner legs. For maximum impact, choose for pointed-toe heels; however, stay away from really high heels as they may appear out of place.