7 Summer Nail Trends For 2024

Janvi Singh

Bright Neon

 Embrace the mid year flows with intense neon conceals like electric pink, lime green, or energetic orange

Pastel Perfection

Delicate pastel shades like child blue, mint green, and pale lavender are ideal for a marvelous summer look. They emit a new and fragile energy.

Tropical Prints

Channel the tropical energies with nail craftsmanship motivated by palm trees, intriguing blossoms, and energetic natural product

Nautical Nails

 Embrace the ocean side soul with nautical-themed nails. Think naval force blue, white, and red 

Metallic Magic

Add a shine to your nails with metallic shades like gold, silver, or rose gold.

Fruit-inspired Nails

 Carry a fruity enjoyable to your nails with plans roused by your #1 summer natural products. 

Ombré Nails

 Make a slope impact on your nails utilizing various shades of similar variety or corresponding tones.