5 Reasons Why People Prefer OTT Over Theatre

Riwa Singh

OTT has become an integral part of recreational methods these days. People prefer OTT over TV and theatres.

Not only did it hamper the audience of movies, but also eroded the viewership of TV channels. Let's see the reasons behind this.

OTT existed before and was one of the favourite platforms but if anything boomed during the lockdown, it was the OTT platforms.

People were sitting at home and platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5 etc erupted as the biggest recreational platforms.

Had it not been for Shah Rukh Khan movies, theatres kept plunging even after COVID.

OTT has a sweet benefit, ad-free shows and series. The movie you watch on your TV in 4 hours can be shrunken into 2 hours on such platforms. Continuity rocks!

Plus you don't have to spend money every time to book tickets. Don't have to think about what to wear, when, and how to bump into cinema halls.

You're the boss on the OTT! No channel or theatre will decide what to watch. You may click on your stuff and watch it whenever you want.

There's less of a saas-bahu drama type soap opera and more of a variation in genre and type of content.

Wait for a few days and your movie will jump from theatres to your TV/Laptop/phone at your convenience.