Benefits of adding  ghee to your tea

Riwa Singh

Ever heard about ghee wali chai? Yes, if you haven't tasted it yet, let us tell you that a spoon of ghee floating in your cup of tea can do wonders for you.

If you think ghee is all about fat and cholesterol, you must learn that there is good cholesterol too.

Ghee consists of good fat that boosts your heart's health by wiping out bad cholesterol. Consequently, blood pressure is in control and chances of a heart attack are less.

A spoonful of ghee in your tea helps boost immunity and hence you don't catch cold or fever easily.

It also adds to your metabolism and yes, you may shed off a few kilos from your body.

This wonderful combo helps to balance your hormones and you get fewer mood swings. Plus, your brain becomes healthy!

Good for females who get severe cramps while menstruation. Yes, it does help as a pain reliever.

This magic drink soothes your skin, moisturizes it, and adds glow to it from within.