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World’s First Japanese Flying Motorcycle Unveiled, Video Surfaces

A viral video at the Detroit Autoshow showcases AERWINS Technologies' XTURISMO, a luxury flying motorcycle. With a futuristic design and electric power, it offers a 40-minute flight time at 99 km/h. Safety features include 3D control systems and obstacle sensors, while an app keeps riders informed. Priced at $555,000, AERWINS aims to lead in air mobility, despite online safety concerns.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Feb 18, 2024 15:16 IST
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flying bike
flying bike

A viral video from the Detroit Autoshow showcases AERWINS Technologies’ groundbreaking flying motorcycle, XTURISMO. The test pilot maneuvers the vehicle effortlessly, hovering and gliding through the air, creating a buzz on Instagram.

Luxury Cruiser Takes Flight
Branded as a luxury cruiser, XTURISMO aims to bring science fiction to life. Co-chair Thad Szott describes his test ride as “smooth and exhilarating,” highlighting the seamless integration of design and technology.

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Futuristic Design and Performance
Powered by electricity, XTURISMO weighs 300 kg, accommodating a 100 kg payload. It boasts an impressive 40-minute flight time at speeds up to 99 km per hour. The dystopian spacecraft-inspired design adds a futuristic touch to the elevated road bike concept.

Advanced Safety Features
Equipped with 3D control systems, air-route designs, and obstacle-detection sensors, XTURISMO prioritizes safety. A dedicated app keeps riders informed about the vehicle’s health and position, ensuring a secure and controlled flying experience.

Price and Vision
Priced at USD 555,000, AERWINS CEO Shuhei Komatsu envisions a comprehensive approach, aiming to lead the Air Mobility Eco-Sci System. The company focuses on developing hardware, software, and services, setting a unique standard in the air mobility industry.

Online Reactions
While the flying motorcycle captivates enthusiasts, online discussions raise concerns about safety and question the vehicle’s design. AERWINS Technologies strives to address these considerations, emphasizing their commitment to revolutionizing air mobility.

First published on: Feb 18, 2024 03:16 PM IST

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