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Wife Mistakenly Bought Rs 2 lakh Drink, Husband Ditches Her In Bar

While celebrating the New Year in London with her husband, Lynsey decided to purchase a drink, believing it to be priced around Rs 2,000

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Jan 5, 2024 17:50 IST
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A woman experienced a surprising moment when she unintentionally ordered and consumed a cocktail priced at £1,890 (roughly Rs 2 lakh), mistakenly believing its value to be £18.90 (Rs 2,000). While celebrating the New Year in London with her husband, Lynsey decided to purchase a drink, believing it to be priced at £18.90 (approximately Rs 2,000).

In a now-viral video, the woman named Lynsey, shared that she had misread the menu. “So when I discovered the cocktail I had ordered was £2,000, I showed my husband the receipt, and he was furious at me,” she explained. Following the discovery, Lynsey’s husband left the bar, leaving her to handle the situation on her own.

After realizing her mistake, Lynsey apologized to the bartender, explaining that the price on the menu, written as 18 90, misled her into thinking it was £18.90. She acknowledged that her assumption was due to the absence of full stops in the price, which she observed when checking other menu items. Lynsey openly admitted that the error was “definitely [her] mistake.”

Faced with the daunting bill for two drinks amounting to £1,890, Lynsey expressed her inability to afford such a substantial amount. This prompted the bar manager to intervene and address the unfolding situation. The involvement of the manager suggests a potential resolution or discussion to find a suitable outcome for both parties.

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The manager assured Lynsey that he would “sort it out” and advised her to go to her room and enjoy the remainder of her trip. However, the looming hefty bill cast a shadow over her vacation, and she spent the next four days worrying about the situation, avoiding the bar altogether.

Upon returning to the bar, Lynsey was surprisingly welcomed by the manager. However, the atmosphere took an unexpected turn when she learned that the bartender had been dismissed following the incident. Overwhelmed with guilt and sadness, Lynsey burst into tears and insisted that it wasn’t worth the bartender losing his job. She offered to pay the £2,000, apologizing profusely.

In a surprising twist, it was revealed that the manager had been joking, and no one had actually lost their job. Instead, the bartender had been sent for retraining. This decision aimed to prevent similar incidents in the future, ensuring that customers are informed of the drink’s cost when ordering. The mix-up led to a humorous resolution, highlighting the importance of clear communication in such situations.

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First published on: Jan 05, 2024 05:50 PM IST

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