Who Is Leslie Harris? The 97-Year-Old Awarded The Guinness World Record, Video Surfaces

Meet Leslie Harris, the 97-year-old motorcycle racing sensation who defies age and inspires generations. Discover his remarkable journey.

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Screengrab of the video from the race of 97 year old biker. (Photo Credit: Youtube/@tk0111)
Screengrab of the video from the race of 97 year old biker. (Photo Credit: Youtube/@tk0111)

New Delhi: In a heartwarming and astonishing display of tenacity, Leslie Harris, a 97-year-old man from New Zealand, has etched his name in history as the world’s oldest competitive motorcycle racer. Earlier this year, Leslie accomplished this remarkable feat by participating alongside his son, Rod, aged 64, and his granddaughter, Olivia, aged 21, in the thrilling Regularity race. This unique race demands riders to maintain the most consistent lap times.

Triumph over adversity: Leslie Harris’ journey to racing glory

Leslie Harris had previously seized victory in this very event back in 2019, at the age of 93. However, his remarkable journey was momentarily halted as he underwent hip replacement surgery, preventing him from defending his title. In an unfortunate incident during the 2020 Classic Festival, Leslie’s motorcycle slipped from the roller starters while he was mounting it for a qualification race. The fall resulted in six broken ribs, an incident that could have ended his racing career.

Miraculously, Leslie Harris endured and recuperated without enduring any lasting damage. His unwavering spirit and determination fueled his desire to return to the track.

Three generations racing together in remarkable regularity race

The year 2023 marked a poignant moment for Leslie Harris, as he rejoined the racing arena. It was a time when he could once again indulge in his passion, sharing the racetrack with his family members, including his son Rod and granddaughter Olivia, for the very first time.

According to Tim, Leslie’s younger son, “It was very important to Les to be able to ride the track and compete for a trophy he had won at a previous event.” He added, “Les is still competing and will continue to do so as long as he can swing a leg over his bike.”

The ageless rider’s future in motorcycle racing

Leslie Harris’s extraordinary journey in motorcycle racing is far from over. He harbors aspirations of participating in numerous upcoming events throughout the year. Additionally, Leslie eagerly anticipates the 44th Classic Festival scheduled for February 2024, which will take place at the new Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon in Feilding.

As Leslie Harris continues to defy age and push the boundaries of what is achievable, his legacy in the world of motorcycle racing stands as an inspiration to all, proving that passion knows no age limits.

First published on: Sep 14, 2023 07:47 PM IST

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