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WATCH: Woman Discovers Eight Cockroaches In Dosa Served At Delhi Cafe

Ishani's video of a cockroach-infested dosa at Madras Coffee House went viral, sparking demands for better hygiene regulations. She filed a police complaint, urging accountability. Authorities promised a thorough investigation.

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Mar 19, 2024 09:46 IST
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Cockroach in Dosa In Delhi
Cockroach in Dosa In Delhi

In Delhi, a woman was shocked to find eight cockroaches in her plain dosa from Madras Coffee House in Connaught Place on March 7. Ishani, accompanied by a friend, discovered the unsettling sight after noticing black spots on the dosa upon taking a bite. Upon closer examination, they realized the spots were indeed cockroaches within the folds of the South Indian dish. Ishani swiftly decided to capture the shocking discovery by asking her friend to record a video. However, their attempt was cut short as the restaurant staff intervened and took away the contaminated plate before they could finish filming. Despite this setback, Ishani remained determined to address the issue.


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After her disturbing encounter at Madras Coffee House in Delhi, Ishani wasted no time in sharing the video on social media and submitting it to media outlets. These outlets subsequently posted the footage on various social media platforms, triggering a wave of outrage among netizens.

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On her Instagram post, Ishani expressed her disbelief and disappointment, stating, “I do not understand how, on a busy Thursday with 30 customers walking in every hour, a restaurant so reputed can be so careless. Their kitchen was an apple to the eye. It stinked; half of it had no roof. I was disgusted by what I had seen, and I will not settle for this. I have all rights to safety, even food safety.”

The graphic images of the cockroach-infested dosa spread rapidly across social media, eliciting widespread disgust and prompting calls for stricter hygiene regulations at restaurants. Undeterred, Ishani took further action by filing a formal complaint with the police, aiming to hold the restaurant accountable for its negligence. The authorities reassured her of a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

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First published on: Mar 19, 2024 09:46 AM IST

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