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Watch Video: Rodents Resembling Lord Ganesha’s Vahana Roaming In Himalayas

Step into a realm of enchantment where rodents in the Himalayas mirror Lord Ganesha's Vahana. Uncover the magic of this unusual resemblance.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Oct 5, 2023 22:21 IST
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New Delhi: In a fascinating revelation, the Himalayan marmot emerges as a compelling candidate for the closest living species resembling Lord Ganesha’s divine vehicle, known as Vahana. In the rich tapestry of Bharat’s culture, deities are often associated with unique vehicles or mounts, symbolizing their divine attributes. According to lore, Lord Ganesha, born of Parvati’s Tantrik powers on the shores of the sacred Manasarovar, chose the humble mouse as his cherished mount.

The Himalayan Marmot – A divine resemblance

The Himalayan marmot, dwelling in the mystical realm of Mount Kailash, emerges as the most fitting candidate for the revered role of Lord Ganesha’s Vahana. These herbivorous creatures engage in remarkable hibernation periods, burrowing deep beneath the earth’s surface, a phenomenon lasting an impressive 6 to 8 months. Their industrious digging endeavors significantly impact soil fertility and plant diversity, earning them the distinction of “ecosystem engineers.”

A closer look at marmots

Marmots, known as large ground squirrels and classified under the genus Marmota, comprise 15 diverse species inhabiting regions across Asia, Europe, and North America. These herbivorous beings exhibit heightened activity during the summer months, often congregating in groups, only to vanish during the winter as they embark on their subterranean hibernation journeys.


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The marmot’s distinctive characteristics

Marmots boast distinctive attributes, including robust legs, powerful digging claws finely tuned for excavating, stout bodies, and prominent heads with formidable incisors designed to swiftly process an array of vegetation. Their fur coloration varies, mirroring their surroundings, with species in open habitats often sporting paler hues, while those dwelling in lush forests tend to display darker shades. Amongst the squirrel family, marmots reign as the largest and heaviest members.

A divine connection unearthed

As we delve into the fascinating world of marmots, we unveil a remarkable resemblance to Lord Ganesha’s cherished mount, the mouse. With their unique attributes and critical role as ecosystem engineers, these Himalayan marmots stand as living testaments to the intricate tapestry of nature, spirituality, and culture that defines our world. The divine connection between Lord Ganesha and the marmot remains a captivating revelation worth exploring further.

First published on: Oct 05, 2023 10:21 PM IST

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