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Vrindavan’s Monkey Mischief: Man Bargains To Get His iPhone Back, Story Will Leave You Burst In Laughter

In a video from Vrindavan, the man tries to bargain with the monkey and chooses to strike a deal by offering a Frooti.

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Vrindavan Monkey
Vrindavan Monkey (Image: Pexels)

Monkeys, famed for their playful antics and mischief, frequently surprise us with their unpredictable behavior. In a recent lighthearted occurrence at Sri Rangnath Ji Mandir in Vrindavan, a naughty monkey snatched a man’s iPhone, resulting in a hilarious and entertaining show. The events that follow will almost certainly make you happy.

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In a lovely and unexpected twist at Vrindavan’s Sri Rangnath Ji Mandir, a cheeky monkey became the center of an interesting episode that astonished and entertained onlookers. The furry trickster stole a man’s iPhone, adding a sense of humor to the sacred setting. Vikas captured and published the entire episode on Instagram, and it instantly became a social media hit.


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The video begins with two monkeys perched atop a structure, one of them holds the stolen iPhone.

In the video, the man tries to bargain with the monkey and chooses to strike a deal by offering a Frooti. With a toss of the cooling drink at the monkey, a brilliant exchange occurs, and the iPhone is quickly returned.

Public Reaction to the Incident 

After this video went viral, social media users embraced the situation’s lightheartedness, jokingly calling it a “barter system” and sharing their own amusing encounters with mischievous monkeys.

Commenting on the video, one person joked, “This is business,” while another commented, “This happened to me as well.” Some viewers praised the monkey’s inventive way to collecting a reward, referring to it as a “barter system” and recognizing the creature’s novel food-gathering strategies.

Monkeys are the animal kingdom’s class clowns, constantly getting into mischief and keeping things interesting and surprising. Their mischievous behaviors and fast thinking often result in amusing and unexpected situations. Consider the recent incident at Sri Rangnath Ji Mandir in Vrindavan, where a clever monkey stole a guy’s iPhone. Classic monkey move!

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