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Pregnant Japanese Woman Sparks Debate, Preps Month-Long Meal For Husband Before Her Labor

Social media users are condemning a Japanese man after his heavily pregnant wife cooked 30 days' worth of dinners for him. According to reports, the situation came to light when the nine-month-pregnant woman revealed on X that she had prepared the meals a month prior to going into labor.

Edited By : Palak Parashar | Updated: Jun 11, 2024 17:52 IST
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Social media is criticizing a Japanese man after his heavily pregnant wife prepared 30 days’ worth of dinners for him. As per the reports, the issue surfaced when the nine-month-pregnant woman shared on X that she had prepared the meals in advance of her May 21 due date.

Since she would be staying with her parents for post-partum recovery and not living with her husband after the delivery, she was worried he wouldn’t eat well in her absence. To address this, she prepared and froze a month’s worth of dinners for him.

The story has sparked widespread discussion on social media, where many are criticizing the husband for his inability to perform basic household chores like cooking. Some people also blame the wife for coddling him and treating him like a child.

Reactions Of People On The Japanese Couple- 

One user questioned what kind of husband would allow his heavily pregnant wife to prepare a month’s worth of dinners, wondering if he typically does nothing at home and if this behavior is simply spoiling him.

Another user remarked that the woman is pitiful, having been pregnant for nine months while dealing with a husband who contributes nothing. A third commenter found the situation bizarre, noting that the pregnant woman is acting as her husband’s maid and questioning how he managed to eat before they got married.

Some highlighted that such submissive and dutiful behavior from wives fosters a culture that produces immature, domestically incapable men. However, others viewed the situation differently and praised the woman for being a loving and caring wife.

A few pointed out that this issue is more widespread, as millions of men, especially in Asian countries, are similarly unlikely to cook for themselves, just like the woman’s husband.

A person from China commented that this issue is common in all East Asian countries. When their mother came to stay abroad to help with the baby, she forgot to prepare meals for their father. As a result, he survived on steamed buns and noodles for three months, even losing muscle mass.

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First published on: Jun 11, 2024 05:52 PM IST

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