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Peregrine falcon: Bird That Attacks At Lighting Strike Of 390 Km/Hr, Tears Apart The Prey; WATCH

The crackle of thunder and flash of lightning can be terrifying. As a powerful force of nature, lightning poses a deadly risk to many living things—including birds.

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Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon

In a captivating video below, witness the incredible story of a bird capable of attacking with such speed that it’s almost imperceptible in regular motion. This formidable avian attacker is often referred to as the “Rocket Bird.” Its true identity is the Peregrine Falcon, commonly found in North America.

The Peregrine Falcon is renowned for its swift aerial assaults, reaching speeds averaging 320 km/h and, according to the National Geographic TV program, achieving a maximum speed of 390 km/h. Also known as the Duck Hawk, this raptor is characterized by a white front, contrasting with a blue-grey back and wings. With a black head, it’s recognized for its falconry prowess.

Belonging to the cosmopolitan bird of prey category, these birds exhibit the unique ability to hunt other birds swiftly in mid-air. Peregrine Falcons have been observed dominating birds larger than themselves, showcasing their prowess. They inhabit a variety of environments, with a preference for colder regions, mountains, river valleys, and coastal areas. Interestingly, they are adapting to urban settings due to an ample supply of smaller prey.


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Measuring between 13 to 23 inches in length, with a wingspan ranging from 29 to 47 inches, Peregrine Falcons are agile predators. While males weigh around one kilogram, females can reach a maximum weight of around 2.5 pounds. They are known for their exceptional hunting skills, preying on a diverse range of animals, including pigeons, ducks, parrots, and even small snakes.

When executing an attack at a staggering 390 km/h, the Peregrine Falcon uses a fascinating technique to protect its eyes, employing a third inner eyelid, known as a nictitating membrane. This extraordinary bird’s prey encompasses pigeons, bats, totes, seabirds, and waders, demonstrating its versatility.

Intriguingly, the Peregrine Falcon’s rapid strikes create a pressure that can cause internal injuries to its prey, even if the physical impact doesn’t prove fatal. This exceptional bird continues to captivate researchers and bird enthusiasts alike, showcasing the marvels of nature in its breathtaking aerial displays.

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