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India Vs Chinese Troops Compete Head To Head Who Came Out On Top| Watch

Indian and Chinese soldiers have been deployed in Sudan, Africa, as part of a UN peacekeeping mission.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: May 29, 2024 12:56 IST
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Indian troops were spotted playing tug-of-war with the Chinese Army while in Sudan, Africa, as part of a UN peacekeeping mission. The gameplay video has gone viral on social media.

A rope of war is a competition where two teams pull a rope from opposite ends to pull the opposing team across the central line.
In a viral video shared by news agency ANI, Indian troops show maximum effort in the game while Chinese troops give their best. Indian troops emerged victorious. Indian supporters chanted ‘India, India…’ while Chinese supporters cheered for their team. The first Chinese soldier to cross the border meant victory for the Indian team.

The news agency noted that the army officials confirmed the authenticity of the viral video, which purported to show Monday’s friendly league match.

The United Nations Security Council established the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) by resolution 1590[1] on 24 March 2005, following the signing of a comprehensive peace agreement between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement on 9 January 2005.

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Watch Here The Video

The tasks of UNMIS include supporting the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, carrying out special tasks related to humanitarian assistance, the protection and promotion of human rights, and supporting the African Union Mission in Sudan.

UN Peacekeeper Days

The UN General Assembly, in Resolution 57/129, designated May 29 as the International Day of UN Peacekeepers, marking the first UN peacekeeping operation, the United Nations Peacekeeping Organization (UNTSO), which began in Palestine in 1948.

Since UN peacekeeping began in 1948, some 3,900 soldiers, police, and civilians have died from violence, accidents, and disease, according to the UN.

On May 29, UN missions, member states, and non-governmental organizations will hold solemn ceremonies in honor of the missing peacekeepers.

Since 1948, more than two million uniformed and civilian personnel have helped countries transition from conflict to peace. More than 70,000 peacekeepers serve in 11 operations in conflict zones around the world.

Peacekeepers include civilians, military, and police who work together in operations. According to the United Nations, their roles have expanded from monitoring ceasefires to protecting civilians, disarming ex-combatants, protecting human rights, promoting legitimate governance, supporting fair elections, and reducing landmine risks.

India Celebrates Peacekeeper Day

The Indian Army on Wednesday wrote X: ‘On the 76th anniversary of #UNPeacekeepersDay, the #IndianArmy salutes the professionalism, dedication, and courage of all peacekeepers serving in UN peacekeeping missions and pays tribute to those who laid down their lives for the cause of peace.’

India’s ambassador to the UN wrote to X, ‘India is proud to be a leading contributor to UN peace, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to global peace and security.

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First published on: May 29, 2024 12:56 PM IST

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