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Family’s Struggle Highlighted As Manager’s Email To Cancer Patient Goes Viral

Coming from Ireland, the post highlights the emotional and financial challenges faced by the family. The mother, employed as a shop supervisor, looks forward to resuming work eventually but is presently grappling with financial hardships after her husband's demise. The daughter intends to complete her studies before seeking employment to support the family.

Edited By : simran rajpal | Updated: Apr 14, 2024 19:18 IST
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Cancer Patient

The college student’s online post has caused outrage by revealing that her mother’s manager pressured her to return to work despite her battle with stage 4 cancer for 18 months.

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@disneydoll96, the user, posted a screenshot of an email from her mother’s supervisor requesting a doctor’s note to confirm her fitness for work, along with information about her limitations and treatment plan. The email also required her attendance at a meeting the following day, showing no regard for her illness and providing no flexibility.

Originating from Ireland, the post emphasizes the emotional and financial strain experienced by the family. The mother, who works as a shop supervisor, hopes to return to work in the future but is currently dealing with financial difficulties following her husband’s passing. The daughter is finishing her studies before she plans to find employment to provide for the family.

What did netizens say about the cancer patient?

In the comment section, the user provides additional information about the mother’s situation, mentioning that “she has been receiving illness benefit, around 200 euros per week, since her diagnosis. Recently, she transitioned to disability allowance because there is a time limit for receiving illness benefit.”

“She can receive these allowances while retaining her job, which is always protected here, unless she chooses to resign.”

“She aims to return to work in the future. Her team of doctors consistently reassures us, saying, ‘Though it’s still stage 4, your resilience on treatment keeps you stable.’ Despite undergoing chemotherapy for an extended period, I firmly believe she will recover. She possesses a great deal of determination.”

Social media users expressed outrage at the manager’s lack of sensitivity. Comments ranged from suggesting that the employee record meetings to expose the company’s actions to condemning the absence of empathy.

“I wish karma had real power. Like when someone bullies a person with a disability, karma would give them nightmares related to that disability until they learn their lesson. Every night, they’d have terrible nightmares. Perhaps then people would be kinder to one another,” commented a user.

“I am deeply sorry about your mother’s situation. I just noticed you’re also from Ireland. I’m from Cork. You should share this in the Ireland sub and the county sub as well,” wrote another user.

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First published on: Apr 14, 2024 07:18 PM IST

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