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Couple Ditches 9-To-5 Job, Lives Full-Time On Cruise, Expenses Lesser Than You Would Guess

Monica Brzoska and Jorell Conley left traditional life for full-time sailing. They enjoy leisure on a budget, rent out their home, and prioritize adventure, finding liberation and romance at sea.

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Mar 27, 2024 13:05 IST
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Monica Brzoska and Jorell Conley
Monica Brzoska and Jorell Conley

Monica Brzoska and her husband, Jorell Conley, have embraced an unconventional lifestyle, abandoning their usual routines to live on a cruise. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, the couple made the switch to full-time sailing after selling their belongings and saying goodbye to traditional office jobs.


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According to sources, their days are now marked by leisurely choices such as deciding whether to relax by the pool or enjoy spa amenities on ocean liners. Monica Brzoska, a 32-year-old former teacher from Memphis, Tennessee, proudly shared that she hasn’t cooked a meal or done laundry in a year, thanks to chefs and staff onboard. Although they enjoy their nomadic life, Monica sometimes misses family. Their decision to sail full-time was prompted by a family crisis, pushing them to pursue their dreams wholeheartedly.


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A post shared by Monica Brzoska (@life_by_any_means)

The couple, skilled at managing money, maintained their lifestyle on less than $10,000 a year. They did this by finding discounted cruise deals and renting out their home. Monica was excited about the great offers they got, using pandemic savings to book eight months of cruising for under $10,000. Some trips were paid in full, while others needed deposits.

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To maintain a steady cash flow, the couple rents out their three-bedroom house in Memphis while they are away. Monica describes their transition from land to sea as “liberating” and finds the experience to be freeing.

Their days are now filled with leisurely activities and discovering new places, enhanced by weekly date nights that infuse romance into their adventures. Their story mirrors a growing trend of couples embracing unconventional lifestyles, prioritizing excitement and spontaneity in their relationships. For Monica and Jorell, life on the water has transformed every moment into a magical experience, turning their dream of world exploration into a tangible reality.

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First published on: Mar 27, 2024 01:05 PM IST

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