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Company That Serves Liquor Before Job Interviews, Netizens Go Crazy On Bizarre Selection Criteria

A Reddit user recounted their interviewing encounter at a major company. Anticipating a typical interview, they were taken aback when company representatives invited them out for drinks in the evening, urging them to consume significant amounts of alcohol.

Edited By : simran rajpal | Updated: Apr 11, 2024 19:48 IST
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Job seekers prepare themselves for every possible question during interviews, ensuring they have answers regardless of the queries asked. Despite thorough preparation, the specific questions or tasks in an interview remain uncertain. People often recount encountering unusual questions during interviews for which they were unprepared. Similarly, individuals share innovative interviewing techniques they employ when assessing candidates. A Reddit user shared their experience of interviewing at a large company. They initially expected a standard interview but were surprised when company officials took them out for drinks in the evening and encouraged them to consume excessive amounts of liquor.

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Further elaborating, the user explains that this practice serves as both entertainment and a test of the candidate’s ability to handle alcohol gracefully. It assesses whether the candidate can politely decline further drinks or continue drinking despite already consuming a significant amount. The act of drinking with colleagues holds significance in the sales industry.

Netizens React To Serving Liquor

The user found the interview approach highly surprising and left numerous comments reflecting this sentiment. Another commenter noted that this method can be advantageous during interviews, citing personal accolades from friends regarding alcohol consumption prowess. The objective is to gauge an individual’s alcohol tolerance and observe who can manage their limits responsibly during social drinking.

A user remarked that maintaining politeness becomes challenging after consuming alcohol. Another individual commented that this type of interview would be straightforward for them. Conversely, someone else mentioned that social drinking is a significant aspect of sales, varying depending on the country and industry.

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First published on: Apr 11, 2024 06:18 PM IST

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