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Chapter On ‘Dating And Relationships’ In 9th Class Book, Tinder Comments

A Chapter On 'Dating And Relationship' Has been added In 9th Class Book users have passed several comments some in favour and some against.

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Dating and relationship chapter

Images from a ninth-grade textbook are trending on social media. A girl by the name of Khushi posted this on the social media site X (formerly Twitter). This has a whole chapter on “Dating and Relationships” (understand the other person as well as yourself).

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It covers topics that are very different from typical ones. Things like ghosting, catfishing, and cyberbullying are common in the modern dating world. The curiosity of others to learn more about them has grown.

In addition, these occurrences have an impact on people’s mental health. While some social media users believe it is appropriate for these issues to be taught in schools, others disagree.

Many recalled their own school days, when the only subjects taught were chemistry, physics, and math. Children are being taught radically opposing concepts like Dating And Relationships in today’s curricula.

Tinder Comments On Chapter

It is unknown, though, under whose education board this occurred. However, there is a lot of discussion concerning this. Tinder, a dating app, has also made comments about this.

In her response, she said, “Next Chapter: Coping with a Breakup.” This post has been viewed by over 7.94 lakh people thus far. On the other hand, over 700 individuals have commented on it and offered their thoughts.

Understanding breakup and patchup should be the next step, according to one user. Another user comments, “This is unique to the CBSE board; our teachers here omitted the chapter on reproduction.”

‘I don’t think it is NCERT, please tell the name of the publication,’ penned the third user.

‘Which book is this subject, class, board, school?’ inquired the fourth user. In response, user Khushi—who had shared images of the book—remarked, “CBSE.”

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First published on: Feb 03, 2024 12:59 PM IST

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