Sunday, November 27, 2022

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AMAZING! Family of 3 wins Rs 41 lakh each in a lottery

New Delhi: A story of luck favoring a family of 3 people has emerged from the USA. Here the family members earned Rs 41 lakh each. Interesting point is that they all invested Rs 82 each. The three members of the family bought lottery tickets. They all went to the same liquor shop for purchasing the lottery ticket. They all went at different times and bought the same digits.

Family won Rs 1.23 crores together

Three members of the same family suddenly got Rs 41-41 lakh on the same day. That is, 1.23 crore rupees came in the house together. All three family members had bought lottery tickets. They had chosen the number of different combination of same digits.

Here is how they bought the tickets

The case is of Maryland, USA. First a 61-year-old father bought a ticket for 82 rupees ($1). On October 13, he bought this ticket from the Hampstead liquor store in Carroll County. According to the Maryland Lottery, he bought this ticket for the Pick 5 Evening Draw contest.

After the father, the 28-year-old daughter also bought a ticket for the same draw from the same shop. After this, the 31-year-old son also reached the liquor shop to get a ticket. He also took the same digit numbers.

These were the digits of the lottery ticket

The three members of the family used 5-3-8-3-4 digit number combinations. The result of this lottery of 13 October came in favor of all the three members of the family. Everyone won around Rs 41 lakh ($50,000) each.

According to local media reports, one of the three family members has decided that he will buy a house with lottery money. While the other two members have made a plan to invest the lottery money.

The strange tales of winning in the lottery keep coming from all over the world. Recently, a person had won about Rs 6-6 crore from the lottery at an interval of 13 months.

Banny has earlier won Rs 6 crore

Antoine Benny, a resident of Canada, came into the limelight for the first time in August 2021, winning a prize of Rs 6 crore. And then now at the beginning of this month, he has won the lottery for the second time.

After this big victory, in a conversation with the local media, Antony said – I cannot believe it. The victory of the second time was more shocking than the first one. When I informed my wife about winning the lottery, she was very happy.

Antoine also told what he is going to do with the money won. He said- I want to create a comfortable setup for the next generation of the family.

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